Supreme Team is over?  Done?  The end?  Finito? 

Did Simon D and E-Sens really say good-bye to their ‘Excellent Adventure’?  

If you cannot bear to say good-bye to Supreme Team without one last look back, this is the article for you. 

Click through the gallery for a retrospective on Supreme Team’s slickest, smoothest, sexiest, most meaningful grooves.    

Supreme Team – “Super Magic” (2009) 

Supreme Team – “Only I Didn’t Know” Feat. T (2009) 

Supreme Team – “Step Up” (2010)


Supreme Team – “I Just Need You” Feat. Gaeko (2010) 

Supreme Team – “Darling” Feat. JC a.k.a. Jieun (2010) 

Supreme Team – “Dang Dang Dang” (2010)

Supreme Team – “Then Then Then” (2010) 

 Supreme Team – “Stay Where You Are” Feat. Crush (2013) 

Simon D – “Stay Cool” Feat. Zion T (2011)

Primary – “Poison” Feat. E-Sens (2012)