Currently on Youtube and Naver Video, a clip called “Survival: I Am a Rapper, Idol Version” is gaining a lot of attention. The video combines different clips of idol rappers to make a parody of “Survival: I Am a Singer.” The idol rappers in the video are Big Bang’s T.O.P, Shinee’s Minho, BEAST’s Yong Junhyung, 2PM’s Taecyeon, MBLAQ’s Mir, and Bang Yong Guk.

Bang Yong Guk featured on Secret Song Ji Eun’sAre You Crazy,” and he is has already gained attention for his rapping skills.

The ending of the video clip also imitates “Survival: I Am a Singer” by teasing that the next clip will show who won number one. Check it out for yourself below.

On August 12th Bang Yong Guk will release his first single “I Remember.” The title is a duet with BEAST’s Yang Yoseob

Source: Sports Chosun