Miss A’s Suzy clarifies her kiss with comedian Kim Joon Hyun.

On August 27, Suzy posted on her twitter with “I thought my ears were going to explode from all the clatter. That’s why I was very shocked! Our lips (really) didn’t touch!”

Suzy further wrote, “It was a good experience. GagConcert daebak! Life Discovery daebak! Gagman oppas and gagman unnis are awesome.” (side note: Life Discovery is a segment on GagConcert)

Suzy appeared as a surprise guest on KBS “GagConcert,” which was broadcasted on August 26. Kim Joon Hyun cosplayed singer Seo Taeji and acted as Suzy’s first love.

The two tried to verify their love with a kiss. Gagman Kim Gi Ri struck Kim Joo Hyun’s head at this time. This surprised Suzy and she slightly moved her head, making it seem like they’ve actually locked lips.

The netizens who saw her post commented, “I thought their lips slightly touched. Was about to become a Kim Joon Hyun anti-fan,” “Kim Joon Hyun should never do something like that again. He’ll become a public enemy,” “Suzy is very precious.”