Former Miss A member Suzy is officially concluding her days as Chum Churum‘s endorsement model and she is handing her baton over to this gorgeous idol.


For the past four years, soju brand Chum Churum has been using Suzy has their endorsement model. She brought an elegant and feminine charm to the Lotte Liquor brand, but with her contract expiration back in November, it seems that her time with the company is over. To change up their image with their newly lowered alcohol content, the company has changed their model from Suzy to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.


The BLACKPINK member has a much different image from Suzy, which can mark the new chapter of the soju brand. With their alcohol content lowering from 16.9% to 16.5% and with their endorsement model changing as well, the overall image can be shifted in one swift motion. Jennie is known for her duality, having the incredible ability to give off both a cute and a sexy vibe. Due to her different images, fans are curious to see what she will bring to the iconic soju brand.


The newly lowered 16.5% version of Chum Churum began its production in January and will start to be sold in stores starting February. This is the first time in 1 year and 2 months that the soju company has made alternations to their brand. The company has come out stating that the reason they decided to lower their soju alcohol content was due to the increase of solo drinking at home.


Regardless of whether Chum Churum uses Suzy or Jennie as their model, they are going to have successful sales no matter what. Congratulations to BLACKPINK’s Jennie on her new endorsement deal!