Suzy has recently talked about working with Lee Seung Ki and especially shed light on her feelings about their kiss scene in the recently ended MBC drama, “Gu Family Book.”

When Suzy learned that Lee Seung Ki had complimented her a lot during his own interview, she said, “I didn’t know Lee Seung Ki oppa said those things. I met him for the first time at ‘Strong Heart‘ and I was really touched since he was such a good listener. I didn’t know we’d meet again through a drama but after we did, I got those same feelings from ‘Strong Heart.’ I’m so thankful that he complimented me like that.”

One of the hottest topics from “Gu Family Book” was the kiss scene between the two stars. Suzy shared her feelings about that particular scene.

“It would be a lie if I said my heart didn’t race whenever we had skinship. There were a lot of scenes where we had physical contact. When we were getting ready to film, sometimes I would put my lips on Lee Seung Ki’s lips just to work with the lighting and the camera angle but I was the only embarrassed person– everyone else seemed to be fine. But that sort of thing can’t be helped.”

Suzy also spoke about her own personal tendencies when it comes to love. She said, “I think I am similar to Yeo Wool.”

“When I like someone, I’m the type of person to say what I want. I say everything I want to say and watch over the person from behind. Ever since I was young, whenever I liked someone, I think I straight up told them.”

Lastly, when asked to rate her acting with a score, Suzy said, “10 out of 100. That is a big improvement too. I will try to continue to raise that score in the future.”