PSY revealed his brand new track “Celeb” and its music video exclusively at his concert in Korea on July 13, 2019 and fans were surprised by this sneak peek, to see Suzy appear as the main featuring artist!

psy and suzy

PSY is known to feature the hottest K-Pop female celebrities in his music videos – his past works have included HyunA and Apink‘s Naeun.


The music video is said to have been filmed some time last month. In the music video, according to those who have now seen it, Suzy is the “celebrity” as the title suggests and she rocks funky fun outfits while dancing to the song too.

suzy mv


Unfortunately, with PSY’s recent alleged involvement with the Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment scandal, some of Suzy’s fans are finding it unpleasant that she agreed to appear in the music video.

suzy psy mv comments


The full album, including the track featuring Suzy in its music video, is scheduled to be released later this month.