miss A‘s Suzy has been reported to re-sign with outdoor clothing brand, Bean Pole, alongside Kim Soo Hyun.

Bean Pole sources stated, “We have re-signed a one year contract with miss A’s Suzy.”

Suzy became a model for Bean Pole last fall, making this her second year of representing the brand along with Kim Soo Hyun.

Suzy has risen to top stardom after being coined the “Nation’s First Love” through the film “Architecture 101.” This year, she received positive acclaim for her acting skills in the drama, “Gu Family Book” and her status as an A-list star has strengthened.

Bean Pole sources also commented, “Suzy has a bright, girl-next-door feel as well as a trendy image, which goes well with our brand,” and “Suzy is the best fit for our ‘Urban Outdoors’ line, which has a high demand from consumers.”

Meanwhile, Suzy’s “Healing Camp” appearance topped headlines for sharing how she bought her parents a house and a car, her hardships with acting, her depression and her ideal type.