The most recent episode of KBS “Music Bank” was the end-of-the-year special, revisiting popular songs throughout 2012. For this special episode, 2AM performed Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Etude of Memories” in perfect harmony. Previously, “Etude of Memories” garnered much attention when it was featured in film “Architecture 101” as a soundtrack. 

Suzy, the heroine of “Architecture 101,” made a special guest appearance on this stage with SHINee’s Minho. They re-enacted a scene from the film on a bench. Suzy offered a side of her earphones to Minho asking, “Do you want to listen together?” just like she did in the film with co-star Lee Jae Hoon

Also on this episode of Music Bank, DBSK, Infinite, SHINee, Kara, BEAST, SISTAR, Teen Top, T-ara, 2AM, Jung Eun Ji, Cool. f(x), miss A, Juniel, FT Island, and Ailee performed various stages to look back at the year.