With her new K-Drama Start-Up due to start airing on tvN in less than a month, beloved idol-actress Suzy has a lot on her plate right now. In fact, Suzy’s shooting schedule is so hectic, her co-star Nam Joo Hyuk was left wondering whether she even has time to eat.

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Thankfully, Suzy revealed she’s eating well these days, and even went as far as to reveal her typical three-meal daily diet for fans.


With little time to waste before shooting, Suzy usually starts her day with breakfast in the car. Naturally, that means she needs to eat something that can be grabbed on-the-go.

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Suzy’s go-to breakfast is gimbap, a popular Korean food similar to sushi. Gimbap is made from cooked rice wrapped in dried seaweed, filled with a range of ingredients from seasoned meat to crisp vegetables.

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The star went on to name eggs and toast as two more of her favorite breakfast foods—a great protein-and-carb combo to start any busy day.

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Once Suzy gets a break from shooting, it’s time for lunch, and she revealed her favorite daytime food has to be noodles.

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One of her favorite dishes is kalguksu, a noodle dish made from handmade, knife-cut wheat noodles served in a broth with meat and vegetables.

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She also likes jjajangmyeon (a Chinese-style meal made with noodles, diced pork, and black bean sauce) and jjamppong (a noodle soup with a spicy seafood or pork broth).

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Failing that, Suzy is always up for a trusty bowl of ramyeon.

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Last but not least, Suzy gets to have her dinner when the day is done.

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However, she revealed she usually only eats a small amount of food when she has dinner. She didn’t explain why, but it may have something to do with how tired she is after a long day of filming.

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