Suzy showed off her new look for fashion magazine Dazed and talked about her role in the highly anticipated drama “While You Were Asleep” (tentative title).

This was Suzy’s first time shooting a pictorial with her new hair. She commented, “It was fun posing for photos with my short hair. Photo shoots with Dazed are always exciting to me. Instead of trying to look pretty, I wanted to show a more mischievous and natural look with my messy hair and minimal makeup.”

She then dished on the details of her psychic character in “While You Were Asleep.” She explained, “My character Hong Joo thinks she’s the best so she basically just lives for herself. She’s a very cheerful and loud person, but she becomes helpless whenever she has bad dreams that predict the future. However, once she meets Jae Chan [played by Lee Jong Suk], she gains hope and becomes much more active [in helping others].”

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the photos from her pictorial below!

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