miss A member Suzy recently took a photo with the letters she had received from fans and expressed how thankful she was for all the support she has received from her adoring fans.

On July 2, Suzy tweeted the photo along with the message, “Thank you for all of your love and thoughtful presents!” 

In the photo, Suzy looks radiant in casual attire as she playfully makes different poses with fan letters. From opening one of the fanmade booklets to showing different expressions while poring over her letters, Suzy once again charmed her fans with her lively and bubbly personality.

Netizens who read the tweet commented, “Suzy plays well, even if she’s by herself”, “She’s really sweet for showing fans how much she cares for them”, “Looks like Suzy also treasures the letters sent to her” and “Suzy looks gorgeous even when she’s dressed casually and without makeup!”

In the meantime, Suzy is enjoying a break from work after wrapping up the MBC drama series “Gu Family Book.”