It’s safe to say that KBS “Invincible Youth 2” hasn’t been the great success story that KBS anticpated that it would be. Despite a rocky start, the program has been making steady improvements every week and has in some ways regained some of the charm from the 1st season that was previously lacking. However ratings continue to be in the low single digits for the last several weeks. KBS has obviously decided that something must be done at this point and are introducing a whole set of changes to the show.

The first major change to the show will be the replacement of the current MCs. Lee Soo Geun and Ji Hyun Woo will be leaving the show, performing their last recording for the show on March 28. They will be replaced by “Invincible Youth Season 1” MC Kim Shin Yong with plans still being discussed about adding in another female MC as well. Boom will continue to stay in the show.

They will also be changing their time slot, going from the Saturday 11:05PM time slot to the Saturday 5:15PM time slot, competing againist MBC “We Got Married.” Earlier reports suggested that there might be some changes to the G8 members as well, with SNSD’s Sunny and Hyoyeon expected to leave the show but SM Entertainment has refuted those claims and have stated that they will continue to be in the show. However discussions are still ongoing about other possible changes to the G8 member lineup but we will need to wait a bit longer before any confirmation of that is released to the media. These changes will be implemented starting from April 7.