Although ex-T-ara member Hwayoung is going through some tough times due to her leaving team after being swept up in a bullying controversy, ironically, this situation is gaining her many male fans.

In various celebrity fan forums, the number of male fans, who claim that Hwayoung became their ideal girl, are increasing. Some male fans posted, “Honestly, Hwayoung never caught my eye when she was a part of T-ara. But through this situation, I’m getting to see her closely,” and “I never knew she was such an attractive person.”

Hwayoung’s new found popularity stems from her innocent looks, her thin but glamorous body and her bright personality. With the countless pictures and videos of  Hwayoung during her T-ara days being uploaded on the web, male fans are saying things like, “Since Hwayoung is the twin sister of a beauty pageant winner (Hyoyoung), her beauty is incredible,” and “She is a true bagel girl with an innocent face and a glamorous body.”

Male fans are not only pointing out Hwayoung’s looks but her personality as well. Fans who watched clips of “T-ara’s Hello Baby,” saw Hwayoung lovingly caring for children and also clips of Hwayoung carrying heavy bags of rice for community service. They commented, “She is my future wife,” “I can see her genuinely when she was taking care of the baby,” and “She’s not only pretty but very strong as well.”

In other recent news, Hwayoung was seen visiting Maroo Entertainment on August 1 and a group that seeks the truth from T-ara (TJinYo) will be holding a demonstration in front of the Core Contents Media headquarters.