Currently it appears as though the T-ara Hwayoung controversy is starting to wind down. On July 31, it was announced by Core Contents Media (Hereafter, CCM) that Hwayoung’s contract would be extinguished. Afterwards, because of the media and Netizen backlash, the CEO Kim Kwang Soo ended up reporting that he met with Hwayoung’s parents. He also reported on the fact that Hwayoung and her sister Hyoyoung met together.

It was revealed that on August 1, Hwayoung went to visit another agency. It was none other than Maroo Entertainment which used to be a part of CCM. Maroo Entertainment stated, “The visit was nothing more than providing support and consolation.”

Representatives of CCM and Maroo Entertainment both stated, “The CEO is on good terms with Hwayoung’s father and they are both from the same hometown. They met so that he could provide support and consolation.”

A representative of Maroo Entertainment stated, “It was just a simple meeting. Please do not misconstrue the meeting. There are no plans to recruit Hwayoung.”