So in what is now becoming an almost yearly event, T-ara has gotten themselves a new leader as Soyeon passes on the baton to Q-ri in the latest of changes being made to Core Contents Media‘s artist line up.

As we reported previously when Areum was leaving the team, Core Contents Media was planning several changes to their artist line up in an effort to rekindle interest in their groups. The latest of these adjustments is a leader change for their most important group with T-ara’s Q-ri taking the leader role from previous leader Soyeon. The latest change will be the 5th leader change for the group with previous leaders being Eun Jung, Boram, Hyomin and So Yeon. 

A Core Contents Media official states reconfirms previous reports saying that “With Areum pursuing a solo career, T-ara will be carrying out their activities as a team of 6.” In regards to the latest leader change they state that “With an upcoming comeback in the later half of this year, we changed the leader from Soyeon to Q-ri to signify a new start (for the group).” They also made note that the “Leader changes for T-ara have nothing to do with the previous rumours of conflict (within the group)” and that the leader change is the latest in a policy that calls for the members to take turns being the leader. 


The last leader change for T-ara occured in 2011 when Hyomin passed on the title to Soyeon. At that time T-ara was starting their promotions for Lovey-Dovey and was starting their push into the Japanese market. A lot has changed in the last 2 years and Q-ri now has a significant task ahead of her to try and revitalize the group following a significant period of negativity.