T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media plans to file criminal lawsuits against 7 different media sources that posted the Internet posts without filtration.

A representative of Core Contents Media stated on August 3, “We have hired 2 lawyer and will file criminal lawsuits against media sources. These media sources reported on Internet posts without checking the source that posted it first. These media sources wrote the articles as if these posts were the truth and created a large impact on society.”

According to Core Contents Media, the media sources that will be sued are the ones that reported on the unconfirmed trainee’s statement and unconfirmed back dancer statement. Also, the ones that edited Kim Kwang Soo and Hwayoung’s twitter and reported about them.

The representative continued, “After ‘T-ara’s Bullying Theory’ began to spread around the Internet as articles, the situation got worse. Not only now but in the future, please only report on facts that have gone through a confirmation process.”

Currently because of the T-ara incident, their first Korean exclusive concert that was planned on August 11 has been delayed. Also, T-ara has temporarily suspended their activities.