Sports Joseon is reporting tonight that T-ara’s youngest recruit Lee Areum will be leaving the team and will most likely reappear at a later date as a solo artist. T-ara will therefore be going back to their original six-member composition comprising of Hyomin, Boram, Eun Jung, Ji Yeon, Qri, and So Yeon.

Areum had officially joined the team last July and was one of the members for T-ara’s sub unit experiment, T-ara N4. According to Core Contents Media (CCM), Areum expressed an interest to leave the team to pursue a solo career, and the reason for the split was due to the fact that “Areum had always wanted to pursue hip hop music and had made it clear that she would like to show off a new side of herself by going solo. The other members have respected her decision” and that “In the future, Areum will be involved in a variety of activities ranging from singing to acting.”


The reports also claim that CCM is currently planning on introducing their long term trainee Dani into T-ara N4 for their U.S. activities and the rest of their domestic activities. It seems like a natural addition given that Dani grew up in the U.S .and speaks fluent English, but so far, none of the reports seem to suggest that she will also be joining the main T-ara group. 

Here is a video from CCM’s official Youtube channel showing Areum announcing her departure and solo plans. Unfortunately, there are no official English subtitles available.  

This won’t be the only member changes amongst Core Contents Media artists with 5dolls having two of their members replaced for similar reasons to Areum and boy group Speed getting two new experimental members. 

With Core Contents Media continuing to struggle against the negativity instilled during the T-ara incident, it will be interesting to see if these new changes will be taken lightly by fans. The first of these restructures will be seen in July with 5doll’s comeback. We’ll continue to update all our readers as further details are revealed about Core Contents Media’s artist restructuring.