Due to the ongoing “T-ara Controversy,” Eunjung did not attend the VIP premiere of the film, “I Am the King of Chosun.

The VIP premiere of “I Am the King of Chosun” was held on July 30 at the Lotte Cinemas in Jayang-dong, Seoul. One of the leads of the film, Joo Ji Hoon, extended invitations to his “Five Fingers” co-stars, Eunjung and Ji Chang Wook for the premiere.

However, Eunjung did not show up. Many are saying that it is because of this massive controversy surrounding T-ara at the moment.

T-ara is currently involved in a whirl of controversies including bullying former member Hwayoung, internal discord within the team, and more. Core Contents Media‘s Kim Kwang Soo stated on July 30, “Due to the complaints of the 19 T-ara staff members, Hwayoung’s contract has been terminated without conditions.”

Core Contents Media also stated that they will be asking the police to investigate the people behind various rumors that have been springing up such as the “T-ara’s backdancer” rumor and the “Trainee of 2 years at T-ara’s agency” rumor.