T-ara’s Eunjung will not be part of SBS drama “Five Fingers,” co-starring Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook. The singer-actress was supposed to take on the role of Hong Dami, Yoo Ji Ho’s (Joo Ji Hoon) love interest who shares a strong passion for piano.  It was announced yesterday, that Eunjung would begin shooting her portions for the drama today, August 22. As such, the news has come as a surprise to everyone. According to a source in the production team, Eunjung has decided to leave the drama, leaving the team is in a scurry to find a suitable alternative. Reportedly, “Bridal Mask’sJin Se Yeon is a strong candidate for the role.

Netizens who came across the news commented, “Looks like Eunjung finally left the show,” “So much for professionalism. Maybe she just didn’t care,” “I think its best for both Eujung and the drama that she left,” “Will they be able to find another actress in time?” “Guess the T-ara scandal finally took its toll,” and more. As of now,”Five Fingers” have aired two episodes, and the adult cast will make their grand appearance on the fifth episode.

As previously reported, Eunjung has also announced her departure from popular MBC variety show, “We Got Married.” When the news first broke, MBC stated, “The couple had been scheduled to leave earlier this year. However, the recent strike had pushed back the decision until now.”


A representative of Core Contents Media revealed, “We have not been notified about Eunjung’s departure from ‘Five Fingers.’ We have not heard of anything from the production team or SBS. Eunjung has been diligently practicing the piano for her role until last night. She’s even participated in the script reading with Ji Chang Wook yesterday. We were shocked to read the news that she had been dropped from the drama.” A representative of SBS also stated, “We had no idea that T-ara’s Eunjung was leaving the show.”