T-ara’s Hyomin celebrated her birthday together with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and uploaded a picture to reveal their close friendship.

On May 30, Hyomin twittered, “It is May 30 today and it is my birthday. I already got some presents” and uploaded a picture of herself posing closely together with Sunny.

In the picture, Sunny is showing off her cute pose by pouting her lips while looking into the camera. Hyomin has closed her eyes while smiling brightly. Hyomin also uploaded pictures of a cartoon girl with the name “Sunny” and it appears that Sunny has written a message on it to Hyomin.

Netizens who saw these pictures commented, “Congratulations! I hope you two will stay close for a long time” “Long live T-ara Hyomin! You are so pretty!” and “You two look very close together. I truly congratulate you with your birthday.”