At an interview for her new solo track “U Um U Um,” T-ara’s Hyomin spoke about about the dating rumors from last year.

Last January, there were reports about Hyomin dating the head of a media group. Someone claiming to be a close acquaintance of hers spoke up and denied the rumors, but Hyomin herself had not released an official statement regarding the matter.

At a recent interview, Hyomin shared, “We are not dating. The person who was rumored to be my boyfriend was someone I got to know through a gathering between acquaintances. At the time, my contract with my former agency had expired, so I couldn’t clearly reveal my thoughts. The expiration of the contract and whether T-ara would continue as a group were more important issues to be solved. I didn’t think it would be right to release an official statement about the dating rumors when those problems hadn’t been settled yet.”

Meanwhile, Hyomin recently released her second digital single “U Um U Um.”

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