T-ARA’s Hyomin transformed into a tomboy for a fantasy-like winter photoshoot.

Hyomin appeared in fashion magazine InStyle’s January issue giving off a romantic yet androgynous charm. The atmosphere looked dreamy because of all the large snowflakes falling down. She dazzled the camera with her snowflake pattern pants, lovely fur, and accessories. 

Both Hyomin and Instyle worked hard on the photoshoot.  A representative of InStyle praised Hyomin’s attitude, “She was able to fully illustrate the lovely yet androgynous look, as well as fantasy-like and sexy charm.”

After the shoot, Hyomin confessed her honest feelings in an interview, “I understand how valuable the position I’m in right now”, and “I think I will be able to steadily show a more perfect version of myself. While I look forward, I will look sideways. I will also look back at family and friends.”

Hyomin says she feels more sorry to fans and is currently planning a way to express her sincerity. The warm interview can be found in fashion magazine InStyle’s January 2013 issue.