On the most recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” actor Lee Hyun Woo talked about his experience in working with IU. He stated, “When I got the offer from IU’s representative to play the main character in her music video ‘You and I,’ I accepted it right away.” Since IU and he had a mutual friend and were in contact with each other before shooting the music video, Lee Hyun Woo was more eager than ever.

The mutual friend who introduced Lee Hyun Woo and IU to each other was T-ara‘s Jiyeon. She starred in KBS “God of Study” with Lee Hyun Woo and gave him IU’s phone number. She wanted all her friends to be friends, since they were all of the same age and work in the same industry. As a result, Lee Hyun Woo and IU became friendly with one another over text messaging and other forms of communication.

However, things were very different from what Lee Hyun Woo had expected at the music video filming set. He explained, “When IU spotted me on the filming set, she greeted me with big welcoming smile and approached me first. But I felt extremely awkward and started using extremely polite language as if I was talking to an elderly person. Things got real awkward really quickly after that point. I couldn’t even act right. There was a scene where I had to hug IU from behind her, but it looked just way too awkward and uncomfortable that they had to delete that scene.”