On the most recent broadcasting of MBC “Beautiful Concert,” T-ara performed onstage with now former member Hwayoung. T-ara performed “Day by Day” and “Roly Poly.” For the performance of “Day by Day,” the newest member Areum joined the stage.

T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media explained, “Recently broadcasted ‘Beautiful Concert’ was filmed in mid-July. Due to 2012 London Olympics, the broadcasting of the show was delayed for more than a month.” Core Contents Media announced on July 30 that they will be dismissing Hwayoung from T-ara and revoked her contract with the agency without any conditions.

After her dismissal, Hwayoung wrote on twitter on July 31, “I am so sorry to my fans. They’ve done nothing but loving and supporting me. Please stop and look forward to better and more mature Hwayoung. I am sorry again for making you worry. I would also like to apologize to Core Contents Media family. I will come back soon.”