An image from Eunjung’s episode of the T-ara web drama series “Sweet Temptation” has been revealed.

In the still, Eunjung can be seen sitting with new MBK Entertainment talent Jenny, who plays Eunjung’s younger sister in the episode, leading fans to wonder what kind of story line is set to unfold.

Jenny, meanwhile, is the final member added to MBK Entertainment’s new girl group. In addition to her beauty and singing ability, her acting skills have led her to be cast in the drama before her official debut with her new group.

Up until now, two other posters for episodes in the T-ara web series have been released, including Qri and Jang Su Won’s episode “Black Holiday” and Soyeon and Lee Joong Moon’s episode “Fantasy Girlfriend.” In addition, a production presentation for the series was also held on June 7 in Hong Kong, further raising anticipation for its release.

“Sweet Temptation” features each T-ara member in their own separate episode alongside a male actor. Lee Ki Baek, the man behind Jay Park’s “MOMMAE” video and music videos for BEAST and Trouble Maker, is directing the series.

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