T-ara’s Soyeon and her “before and after” effect is drawing attention from the netizens.

Recently, an online community board published a photo of Soyeon taken in the past. It was during her feature in SBS radio “Choi Hwa Jeong’s Power Time.”

In the picture, Soyeon poses adorably with her fingers shaping a “v” as she smiles toward the camera. Other than her light make-up of eyeliner and mascara, she looks very innocent.

However, netizens focused on the size of her eyes and the difference with her circle lens and without. Comparing the two photos, they were amazed at the circle lens effect. The amount of make-up may not necessarily change, but netizens acknowledged that increasing the size of the pupil makes a huge difference.

Netizens reacted in various ways to the photos: “Huk I didn’t know they were the same person,” “It really is a different feel,” “I thought she was f(x)’s Luna,” “She is prettier with the lens,” “Her eyes without the lens are red. Her eyes must be really dry; health first,” “I thought her huge round eyes were attractive but it was with the help of the circle lens.”