Did this happen for real? We don’t have the video to prove it, but Big Bang’s T.O.P apparently got sexually harassed by his very own fans!

Recently, a set of photos showing T.O.P get hit by a fan’s underwear at Big Bang’s concert was posted on an online community board. The photos, titled “A fan throwing underwear at T.O.P at a concert,” show Big Bang’s rapper walk on stage wearing an oversized hat at their recent “Alive Galaxy Tour 2012” concert in the Philippines. It looks like an unidentified object gets thrown from the crowd and hits T.O.P in his head, which accidentally falls on one of the back dancer’s hand (who giggles on the side in embarrassment).

Of course, it’s hard to tell what it really was, but multiple fan accounts from the concert say it indeed was someone’s underwear. Netizens commented, “I was there to witness it,” “Why didn’t they throw it at Seungri?” and “What would have happened if a male fan threw his underwear at the Girls’ Generation?”