T.O.P is known to be an odd ball, and fans love him for it.

On June 1, Taeyang posted a video of T.O.P on his Instagram with the captions, “In celebration of our D-day #danceT.O.P #dancinggod #dancingmachine #crazyartist #MADE #A.”

In the revealed clip, T.O.P can be seen showing off the weirdest dance moves. Though he seems passionate and is dancing with full force, his limbs are just too flexible and wild. Nevertheless, he puts on a show for his fellow members and staff.

One notable point about this clip is Taeyang’s constant laughter in the background. Fans can tell that he had a blast while filming his fellow member being crazy. The shouts of the other members also catch fans’ ears.


D-day 기념 #춤탑 #춤신 #댄스머신 #괴짜예술가 #MADE #A

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