Epik High’s Tablo and actress Kang Hye Jung’s first child has finally arrived, just seven months after their marriage.

Kang Hye Jung gave birth to the couple’s first daughter on May 2 in a Seoul hospital. Tablo reported, “It’s a mystical and
miraculous day. Today at 11:05am, my pretty daughter was born.
Hye Jung and the child are both healthy.”

He added, “Ahh, I’m in tears, because I’m really happy. My lady, who
has gone through so much all this time, is the best!”

Epik High’s Mithra updated his Twitter: “I had a niece!!!! My endless congratulations to
BloHyeJung.” DJ Doc’s Kim Chang Ryul added, “Finally you’ve become a father. Be a
cool father and husband. Congratulations, our blo.”

The couple met at a gathering in 2008. They got
married October 26th, 2009. Tablo revealed
the news of Jung Hye Jung’s pregnancy on September 5th of that year.

S: Newsen

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