Hip-hop artist Tablo has decided to file a second appeal against the “TaJinYo” members in court. Tablo, who has been falsely accused of lying about his education stated, “I cannot forgive ‘TaJinYo’ and they need to be severely punished.”

“TaJinYo” has accused Tablo of lying about his Stanford University college education. Tablo has filed a lawsuit against “TaJinYo” this past July and six members who pleaded guilty were given a probation sentence. However, three members who pleaded innocent have received a 10 month prison sentence. Therefore, they are apologizing to Tablo and his family and will be opting for an amicable solution in this upcoming trial. Contrary to the first trial, the three “TaJinYo” members are showing signs of reflecting and regret. One of the three members, Mr. Park has written a self-reflection/apology letter seven times and has revealed it to the press as well.

However, Tablo still wants punishment for these members. He said, “The scars are too deep for them to be forgiven” and “Please give them severe punishment.” After the trials against “TaJinYo” have started, this is the first time Tablo has revealed his thoughts in this manner.

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