The lyrics of Epik High’s Tablo and Jaurim’s Kim Yoon Ah were used without permission in a book titled “Songs Become Poems” (literal translation).

On October 19, Kim Yoon Ah wrote on her Twitter account, “My lyrics have become a manuscript book for sale without my knowledge. When I asked another musician whose lyrics were included in the book, they said that they didn’t know about it…I don’t know what you mean by ‘the words of the lyricist’. I tweeted because my fans may think I wrote the book myself, and I’m afraid some of them are buying it.”

Then on October 20, she posted another note about the book, saying, “Even my name is in the author introductions.” The introduction states, “Born in Seoul on 1974. Debuted with song ‘Hey Hey Hey’ she wrote herself that was used in the 1997 film ‘Man Holding Flowers’. Main songs she wrote are ‘One Fine Spring Day’, ‘Haha Song’, ’25, 21′, etc.”

Tablo also expressed his opinion about the matter on his on Twitter. He wrote, “My lyrics seem to be used in the book ‘Songs Become Poems’. I appreciate your favorable evaluation, but it would have been better if you asked for permission in advance. I hope my fans don’t get confused.”

Other musicians listed as co-authors are Kim Min Ki, Kim Chang Wan, Lucid Fall, Jung Tae Joon, Lee Juk, Shin Hae Chul, Oh Ji Eun, Choi Joon Young, and Lee Chan Hyuk. The date of publication for the book is set for October 25, and will reportedly be released on October 24 through reservation sales.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews