It has been confirmed that Epik High‘s Tablo will be appearing on the talk show, “Healing Camp” in the near future.

Sources reveal that Tablo will record SBS’s “Healing Camp” on October 31. Sources also say that Tablo will be sharing many intimate stories of his years in the entertainment industry since he debuted in 2003.

Netizens are wondering if Tablo will open up about the years of struggling with “TaJinYo” and the issues about his Standford University graduation since it is a sensitive topic for the artist.

Netizens, who heard this news of Tablo’s “Healing Camp” appearance, commented, “Tablo, be strong,” “I hope we will be able to hear Tablo’s honest feelings during ‘Healing Camp,’” and more.

Tablo’s “Healing Camp” episode will air on November 5.