Recently on his Twitter on September 10, 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon left a message, “When I returned to Korea, there it was, Okcat doll! It’s only a sample, but it is still so cute.” Then immediately afterward, Taecyeon uploaded a photo along with another message, “I forgot to upload the picture… Okcat coming soon~.”

In the released photo is Taecyeon holding a green cat doll. As he hugs the cat lovingly, Taecyeon looks adorable in this picture. In the past, Taecyeon has considered “Okcat” as his mascot. He was known for often drawing in “Okcat” as part of his autograph.

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “Ok Taecyeon and Okcat! Ok Taecyeon is cuter,” “Love the scarf on the cat,” and “Will there be other colors available as well?”

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