2PM’s member Taecyeon posed for Elle magazine in a photo shoot set in Vancouver, Canada.

While he has a nice boy image on variety show “Three Meals a Day,” for this pictorial, the singer and actor shows his sexy side. During his interview, the singer reveals some of the thoughts he has while attending graduate school.

Taecyeon feature pic

He shares his feelings about working for the entertainment business for eight years. Talking about his appearances in the dramas “Cinderella’s Sister” and “Wonderful Days,” he says, “At that time, there were fewer idols who acted and if something, even the tiniest thing went wrong, you would get a ton of criticism.” Also, he talked about the the lives of idols and comments, “Thanks to Shinhwa and G.O.D, I think that the idol world has gotten better,” and assures us that he will be very active as an idol in the foreseeable future. He adds, “Of course, my current status is a student. A graduate student.”

Taecyeon also shares stories of his travels in Rome, and to Greece and Turkey where he traveled to with his parents. He tells Elle, “My father texted me to thank me for the travels” and expresses that he felt proud of himself upon receiving that text message.

More of his interview and photos can be seen in the June issue of Elle magazine.

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