On the April 1 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” singer-actor Taecyeon talked about 2PM and when it would be possible for the group to reunite for promotions.

However, his answer may disappoint fans who have been waiting for the group to come back as he said, “Following me, the rest of the 2PMmembers will begin enlisting for mandatory military service. So, I think our reunion as 2PM will take at least 4 to 5 years to actually happen, which is really sad,” though he said this with a good-natured laugh. In the past, Taecyeon received attention for expressing his determination to enlist as an active-duty soldier.

Taecyeon continued, “Almost all of the members act now; however, we don’t monitor each other’s acting. But, on the other hand, we do always send coffee carts to each other’s sets,” emphasizing their supportive camaraderie.

Meanwhile, Taecyeon’s new thriller movie “House of the Disappeared,” in which he plays the role of a priest, is set to premiere on April 5 in South Korea.

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