Harvey Mason Jr. of the famous R&B production duo, The Underdogs, left a series of tweets on July 7th lauding Big Bang Taeyang’s great musical skills and his enormous fan base.

He first tweeted, “One record done. On to number 2 with @realtaeyang. Great artist to work with!” Moments later, he left another post, which was rather aimed at Taeyang’s massive fan base, saying, “Never seen so many followers tweeting from a single mention. I’ve worked with a lot of artists but @realtaeyang has some serious fans!”

Shortly later, he retweeted his friend Eric Dawkin’s tweet which read, “Just wrote another for @realtaeyang Just came out of the booth and he gave me 2 thumbs up #Songnumber2.” And then Harvey Mason Jr. went on to put up the following video of Taeyang getting out of a yellow Lamborghini and a photo of some fans camping outside of the studio, with the caption, “Wow.”


These tweets came just a few days after Taeyang tweeted that he is working with The Underdogs. On July 5th, Taeyang first left a message saying, “Today I’m starting my session with the underdogs J it’s gonna be awesome!”

The Underdogs, comprised of Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas, are an R&B and pop production duo formed in 1999. Their previous works include collaboration efforts with some of the most popular R&B performers in the world, including, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, Omarion, Justin Timberlake, Joe, Beyonce, and Chris Brown, among many others. Looks like Taeyang is indeed coming out with a new single produced by the Underdogs. It’s unclear when the new track will be released but we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop, so stay tuned!

Source: Harvey Mason Jr.’s Twitter