Taeyang uploaded a photo on his Instagram account of himself on a visit to the residence of fashion legend and founder of the Chanel brand Coco Chanel with the caption: “Coco Chanel’s room.”  Though Coco Chanel actually lived and slept at the Ritz Hotel, she used her residence (she bought the entire building) at 31 Rue Cambon for entertainment and work.  The Chanel store is on the street level and her apartment is on the third floor.  The particular room that Taeyang is in was styled with Chinese lacquered screens and mirrors.  The white chair that Taeyang is sitting on was used many times by Coco Chanel herself.    

Taeyang was in Paris to attend several shows during Paris Fashion Week which was held from July 1 to July 4, 2013, and apparently had time to squeeze in a tour of Coco Chanel’s home.  Taeyang was also noticed by men’s style magazine “GQ (and throngs of adoring fans) and named “Paris Fashion Week’s Surprise Superstar.”   

Recently, YG Entertainment announced that the company was considering a September release of Taeyang’s second full album.  Taeyang’s last effort as a solo artist was in 2010 with a full album entitled “Solar.”