As a member of one of the biggest K-Pop groups in history, Taeyeon knows exactly how legendary their impact is, and she shared her thoughts on Girls’ Generation‘s immense popularity and legacy!

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Taeyeon recently sat down for an interview and photoshoot with Hashtag Legend, where she talked about her personal and professional life!

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One of the questions she was asked was,

Girls’ Generation was such an iconic group among the second generation of K-pop. What do you think made the group so special and beloved?

Taeyeon then shared her reasons for why she thinks Girls’ Generation is a group that is so loved!

When we debuted, I think male groups outnumbered the female groups, and we were the first to appear as a group of young girls. I think that’s why we received a lot of attention and also we always had concepts back then that fit our age and it probably came off really naturally to people.

Even now in our solo careers, we show what we can at our age and I think this naturalness is what people like about us.


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