Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon struggled to find clothes that were her size on the latest episode of Mnet‘s “Heart a Tag.”

On the June 19 broadcast of “Heart a Tag,” co-MC Tiffany recruits her friend and groupmate Taeyeon to help her find early summer must-have items.

Taeyeon had seemed confident in helping Tiffany beat out their opposing team (co-MC Lee Cheol Woo and his friend Joo Woo Jae), but her confidence begins to wane as she discovers that a lot of the clothes are too long for her.

She calls Tiffany over and complains, “[The clothes] are all too long for me,” and half-jokes, “Are there children’s sizes?”

In the end, she resolves, “I’ll just wear a long skirt and super tall heels.”

Check out Taeyeon and Tiffany’s shopping exploits in the video below. How do you think they did?

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