tvN’s new variety show “Food Diary” (working title) held a press conference on May 25.

“Food Diary” is a reality program that shows the life of celebrities who become farmers in order to make one dish. The cast, including Seo Jang Hoon, BoA, Lee Soo Geun, Park Sung Gwang, NCT’s Taeyong, Oh My Girl’s YooA, and Nick will spend time in a farm as they follow the entire process of how natural ingredients come to make one dish on our table.

During the press conference, Taeyong shared that other NCT members were jealous of him being on the show. “I enjoyed being on this show and bragged about it a lot to the members, so they’re also interested and want to come visit,” he said. “Because we live in a dorm and the members don’t go out often, they’re interested in shows where we go out like this to farm. I think everyone’s pretty jealous.”

Taeyong went on to talk about his experience working at an actual farm. He explained, “When I first started filming, I was awkward in a lot of ways. But my posture has been improving as the number of shoots increased. I also learned how to shovel from Lee Soo Geun.”

He added, “I think I’m able to continue doing well because the seniors helped and cared for me a lot.” Although he may appear awkward and clumsy, Taeyong said he has been learning how to farm little by little.

Lee Soo Geun, who is said to be the best farmer among the cast, revealed that he was impressed by Taeyong. “NCT’s Taeyong is really strong,” he praised. “He’s also kind of like a military chef. He likes the kitchen. He cooks very well, he even made Korean braised beef with BoA.”

“Food Diary” premieres on May 30 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the teasers here!

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Top photo credit : Xsportsnews