Girl group Tahiti, who recently made a comeback with the title song “Love Sick” from their first mini album, “Five Beats of Hearts,” announced that they will be self-censoring their choreography for their latest track. 

In the choreography for “Love Sick,” the members unwrap the top layer of their outfit to reveal another layer, and this choreography point has been causing some buzz for being too provocative. In response, Tahiti’s agency, Dream Star Entertainment stated to X Sports News that for non-cable stations- KBS, SBS, and MBC- Tahiti will not be using the “revealing” choreography point. “We are going to exchange it with another move so please look forward to it.”

Previously, fellow girl group member Dal Shabet had to change their choregraphy for “Look at My Legs” to pass KBS’ censors. You can find out more about that controversy here.

In related news, Tahiti performs “Love Sick” on KBS’ “Music Bank” today. Stay tuned to Soompi for the performance, and while you wait, check out their “Love Sick” music video here.