The new girl group, TAHITI’s member Ji Soo is garnering a lot of attention because she resembles the actress Han Ga In.

TAHITI made a first appearance on a TV with SBS MTV’s “Ta-Dah, It’s TAHITI,” which will try to discover the next generation Hallyu star. After the first appearance, Netizens were interested in Ji Soo, who showed off her big eyes, sharp nose and innocent look.

TAHITI’s agency representative said “Ji Soo grew up in ChoonCheon city in Gangwon-do and when she was young she was known as ‘Chuncheon Han Ga In.’” Also he introduced her, “She’s not only good at singing and dancing but also good at track and field. She was the Gangwon-do representative for track and field.”

TAHITI will debut in June. Their debut process will be revealed by the reality program, “Ta-Dah, It’s TAHITI,” throughout the next 10 weeks. This program will be aired in Korea, and in eight countries in Asia such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore and etc.

Netizens who watched the first episode said interestingly, “Ji Soo, Han Ga In’s copy,” “Her eyes and nose are very similar,” “Han Ga In’s doppelganger,” and “I heard there will be seven IUs, but there’s Han Ga In as well.”

The second episode of “Ta-Dah, It’s TAHITI,” will air on April 2, 3:30PM at SBS-MTV.