The ladies of miss A have transformed as they turned in their leather from the “Good Bye Baby” promotions opting for a more feminine look, as they donned skirts and dresses for their date with “High Cut” magazine.

Miss A’s image is one that is intense and warrior-like, though fans were happy to see their new concept as it was a refreshing one. Now dressed in more feminine attire it appeared as though they had jumped right out of the pages of a romance comic.

The photographer working with miss A had this to say regarding their new look, “Our intention was to attempt a look that you wouldn’t normally see from them on stage, a style which would bring out their naturalistic innocence of their ages.”

For now feel free to take a look at a few images available from the photo-shoot.  As for the rest of the photos, be sure to check out the today’s issue of “High Cut” magazine.

How do you feel about the feminine look of miss A?

Source: Naver