One of the most controversial issues from last week was the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC) ruling HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” dance “too sexually suggestive.” Following the ruling, HyunA abruptly ended her “Bubble Pop” promotions, calling it “nonsense” to go on stage with a new dance sequence after nearly a month of promoting the song. The entire controversy has sparked heated debate among netizens over what exactly means “too sexually suggestive” and why more and more girl groups tend to take the “sexy” route even under such heavy scrutiny from the KCC and local broadcasters.

Some fans have pointed out KCC’s double-standard approach citing the similarity between HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” dance and Kara’s immensely popular (without KCC warnings) single, “Mister’s,” “butt dance” sequence. While HyunA was nearly forced to end her promotions, Kara did not receive any warnings nor disruptions in their “Mister” promotions, leaving many fans to question whether KCC has any exact criteria or standard in determining “too sexually suggestive” contents.

On the other hand, people who agree with KCC’s decision say the “sexually explicit” dances could possibly have “negative impacts” on minors who consider these artists as “idols” and “role models.” They question, “Why do today’s girl groups just try to push for the sexy image? There are many other ways to gain popularity even without the sexy image.” SNSD has never really tried to look sexy per se and yet still managed to become one of the best girl groups ever. The same goes for 2NE1, or even some old school girl groups such as S.E.S and Fin.K.L.

So what is your take on this? Does KCC need clearer criteria in deciding “explicit content” (i.e. HyunA v. Kara)? Or should the girl groups just try to shun the “sexy choreography” and come up with more creative/artistic content? Share your thoughts!