Namoo Entertainment Incorporation is suing Core Contents Media which is the agency behind T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa for nearly $390,000 in damages. The reason is for cancellation of a U.S. concert.

We reported about the concert earlier this year. First, visa problems had delayed the January 13, 2012 “K-Pop Power & Beauty” concert that would feature T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa. The concert was supposed to be “delayed.”

Namoo Entertainment stated, “Three months prior to the concert, the date and location were confirmed. They had enough time to prepare but because of Visa problems they cancelled the concert 4 days before its planned date.”

Core Contents Media stated that they are the ones that should be suing for damages. A representative stated, “Visa issues for foreign concerts are usually solved by the hosting company in the foreign country. The hosting company stated that there were no visa problems. Suddenly they changed their stance right before the concert saying that there were visa problems. Then they sued us for damages. We should be the ones that are suing for damages. This is a situation when they are saying that we did something wrong, when they were the ones that did.”

It appears that Core Contents Media will take an aggressive stance against the lawsuit.