T-ara Eunjung and Hyomin‘s photo with two movie directors has been revealed.

On March 27, Eunjung posted on her Twitter, “During our planning meeting with the two teachers…^^ Director Cha Eun Tek and writer Jo Sae Hyun. Isn’t this such a fantastic combination~ 14 days left till we go to Europe to cause a ruckus” along with a photo.

In the photo, you can see Eunjung, Hyomin, director Cha Eun Tek and Jo Sae Hyun all huddled together with a happy expression on their faces. It seems like the four of them have been in a meeting to discuss plans for T-ara’s upcoming standalone channel.

T-ara’s standalone channel will be called “Freedom” and the broadcast material will be filmed and editted by the T-ara members themselves. They will leave for a backpacking trip to Europe for nine days and eight nights and will relay their real-time situations and happenings. The girls of T-ara will be traveling to Italy, Swiss and Austria without anyone’s interference. They will be filming shots according to their own personal tastes and relaying their real-time experiences to the viewers.

Netizens who came across this photo commented, “You all look really happy,” “You’re going to travel and broadcast at the same time – I hope this becomes a precious experience for you,” “I guess all the hard times were worth it,” “But why is a music video director and a photographer joining them?” and “It seems like a great project.”