Who is the best cook in T-ara? On the episode of SBS E! “T-ara’s Flower Boys” to broadcast on March 10 the T-ara members cooked at a Japanese restaurant. They cooked the food that would appear on the menu for their “Flower Boys Po Cha” restaurant.

For most of the show, T-ara has been recruiting “Flower Boys” for their “Flower Boys Po Cha.” (A Po Cha is usually a small restaurant that sells alcohol and food. But larger restaurants now use that name as well.)

The March 10 episode will show T-ara’s Jiyeon trying to make her “Kimchi Pancake.” During the recording, Jiyeon appeared very confident of her cooking skills but her pancake was too thick. Eunjung then begins to cook a smaller “Kimchi Pancake” right next to her beginning their cook-off showdown!

Who seems like a better cook, Eunjung or Jiyeon?