I’ve done a plethora of things in Korea regarding Kpop, yet Saturday night was one of the biggest milestones I’ve completed– Meeting the sexiest girls of Kpop and then interviewing for MBC.

Suguishi= 119 Danzo =120

There’s only one thing to do when you’re in Korea and love Kpop as much as I do and that is to join T-amo fanclub and get updates on the latest T-ara signing to meet them in person! I arrived at Yongsan; perhaps one of the largest electronics cities in the world. It is basically 4 blocks and then some towering malls of just electronics.  When I arrived there, the first thing i did was to get a number from the store clerk at SYNNARA records. (You get one for buying a new cd). The store was inside the movie theater level/arcade.


Being that I was at electronics land, of course we could find an outlet to plug in my hairdryer. Yes, I was getting my hair done by by the fabulous Suguishi and even she put on  guy-liner on for me in line.  It’s so cool to have your own personal stylist. Who cares if a few unwashed-face and uncombed haired fans were staring at me? I was there to look good for T-ara!

Dear Danny written by Qri ;)

Anyways, in line I was selected by the fan club leaders to interview with MBC! I’m like ok, theres a stunningly pretty girl next to me, Suguishi. What about her? So I’m glad after me asking that she got to do it too, because for the interview filming she was much more entertaining than me on camera!


So then I made it into the autograph session and was thrown back how beautiful they all looked in person.  I just put down my cd for the first person, I saw which was Ryu Hwayoung.  I didn’t realize it was reverse order so..

ninja snap 2!

Embarrassingly, I was thrown back to other part of the line. I forgot that things in Korea are done “backwards.” While Suguishi was putting a final touch on my hair, I told Qri that she looked very pretty today. She put the “Dear Danny” part on my cd cover and signed her name. Next was Hyomin. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I said “Hi, Hyomin! You look very beautiful!” She did this aegyo thing with her face and hands and said thank you so much!


Next up: I told Soyeon she also looks great today as she then thanked me and asked me where I was from, in which I replied “I’m from Los Angeles.” She smiled and said Ohh! Suguishi was also next to me and Soyeon said she looked so beautiful. Wow, right? Ever been complimented by your favorite girl group before? THAT’S RIGHT!! For Jiyeon, I told her that she looks great today and that I loved her show, God of Study, 공부의신 . She got up from her seat and put her hands out to high five me! So cool!

BTW, Jiyeon has the softest, daintiest hands!

When I got to Eunjung I finally realized OMG stardom! I just said Hi, Eunjung you look very pretty. Here I was at a loss for words at the moment when I really wanted to talk about her show Coffee House. Anyways!  Boram was looking downward at the moment and I said , HI Boram! Annyoung haseo! She said Annyoung haseo back with her timid, but cute smile and signed my cd.  I made it back to Ryu Hwayoung again and I told her that she’s doing a great job as a new member! She said oh thank you very much.  I was then escorted to the side and closed off by a gate for the interview.  

During the interview, I was told to explain how I thought the fan meeting was. I just had to come up with something on the fly ( I hope it doesn’t sound stupid on camera!) And just said I love T-ara as my favorite group and I love Yayaya and I wished them the best. I also I was supposed to to ask one question and I chose: What is your ideal type of guy?

Suguishi was next to me and talked about how great T-ARA was and even did the bo beep bo beep dance. It was so cute! –More entertaining than me, like I said!

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T-ARA walking out of the fan signing , we caught them at the secret escape!


Walking out 4 of the 7 .. Ryu Hwayoung, Soyeon, Qri and Boram

Catch (SUGUISHI) Antonia Lam and (DANZO) Danny Truong on TV – 기분촣은날 (GOOD DAY)
2010.12.28 9:45 MBC 
Site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/culture/goodday/