T-ara Ji Yeon’s twin-looking brother Park Hyo Joon has been drawing a lot of interest from fans lately. His tall height (6 ft tall), clean skin, and stylish fashion sense, not to mention his relationship with Ji Yeon, has made him one of the more popular models out there. Currently, Park Hyo Joon is modeling for Noh Hong Chul’s online shopping mall (www.nohongchul.com).

“I used to get really upset when people would recognize me only as Ji Yeon’s brother, not as model Park Hyo Joon. But now I just wish the best for my sister. I’ll continue to work hard as a model and diversify my activities to perhaps become a singer in the future too,” Park Hyo Joon said.

“Park Hyo Joon has all the qualities a top model needs. He’s tall, has a small face, and is stylish, he fit the profile I was looking for. Plus, his innocent and clean-cut image allows him to perfectly model for different types of styles,” Noh Hong Chul said.

He’s still only 18 so there’s tons of potential for this aspiring model/musician. We hope he continues to strive and achieve his dream in the future!

Editor’s note: Unlike initial reports that they were twins, it was found Park Hyo Joon is a year older than Ji Yeon and are not twins at all (they just look very similar!) We apologize for the confusion.