Back in 2021’s Idol Sports Athletic Competition, former SISTAR‘s Bora was known as the queen of sports. She swept every single event and medal available. During a particular short sprint, the was up against many competitors including bandmate Hyolyn, NS Yoonji and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon.


Jiyeon was lagging far behind and had slowed down to a jog when she realized she was in last place already, from the get-go.

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However, nearing the finish line, Bora tripped and fell face-first into the ground. While the other competitors came to check up on Bora, Jiyeon suddenly broke into a run and made her way over.

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Many praised her for the way she would run to someone that was hurt, but not for a competition. Another incident that showed how kind she was, was during a filming for Heroes with IU.


Jiyeon noticed that IU was uncomfortable due to her short skirt, and offered her own longer dress to cover IU.

| “Heroes” 

Of course, the two are incredibly close friends now! T-ARA’s Jiyeon has both a pretty face and a kind heart. Check out the full clip from the running incident below.